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These days the radical aesthicists in the Obama administration – and in many state natural resources agencies – have gone way beyond arguing for the protection of natural resoruces because it benefits humanity. They have evolved on the issue, so to speak: Inanimate objects and animals have rights of their own, they say, and those rights are more imprtant than the constitutional rights of people.

Of course, when objections are raised, they raise the red herring that corporations are given the legal rights of people, so why not rivers and rocks, northern long-eared bats and corn fields? Read more ...

Posted by Richard Moore April 8, 2015

Whenever my mother used to really like something, I mean really like something, she would talk about it incessantly and give it her favorite stamp of approval.

It’s all the rage, she would say.

The TV show The Beverly Hillbillies was all the rage. Fry daddies were all the rage. So were pedal pushers.

These days, in the shallow channels of state-run journalism, what’s really, really liked is the notion of squashing false balance. Journalists are obsessed with the idea of providing true objectivity in their stories and avoiding false balance at all costs. 

Everywhere these journalists look, they see false balance. They talk about it incessantly. It’s all the rage.

So just what is false balance? Simply put, in a news piece, it’s giving too much credibility – or any at all – to a point of view that has been thoroughly debunked. One example would be to give those who believe in bloodletting equal voice in a news story about options for treating pneumonia. The reporter might do so in the interest of fairness, but it’s not real balance at all; it’s false balance because bloodletting as a viable treatment has been definitively controverted. Read more.

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So what is the New Bossism?

The New Bossism is a powerful alliance of special interests, entrenched government bureaucracies and the political class. This coalition, a dangerous combination of money and secretive legal authority, poses a grave threat to our democratic institutions. What we are seeing both across the nation is the emergence of a new tripedalism in politics, a three-legged political network so vast it can only be called a machine, with two predominate powers essentially being supported by a separate, lesser instrument - the third leg of the stool, if you will.

In the old days, the party bosses of the political class forged deals with special-interest unions and crony capitalists to form the Old Bossism of the Democratic Party; these days the bureaucratic managers (the first leg of the stool), so well insulated from elected officials, are the ones making back-room deals with crony capitalists and other identity groups (the second leg), protected and nurtured by the third leg of the stool, the heavily subsidized state-run media.


The New Bossism has six identifying and controlling trademarks. One, the bosses reign through the law of rule rather than the rule of law; two, there is an ever increasing quantum of police power, and ever increasing extension of police power to state employees; three, the new bosses oversee and protect things rather than people; four, they are intransigently opposed to transparency in government; five, they are hostile to the U.S. and state constitutions in the name of the politics of reinvention; and six, in true totalitarian fashion, the state not only regulates but controls; and it is heartless in doing so.

With the proper political strategy, the new bosses can be defeated and constitutional integrity restored. This book will explain how!

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