The bureaucracy rules, with its rules.

That is the defining characteristic of the New Bossism of the American Left, and, in this fascinating book, investigative reporter and conservative author Richard Moore exposes the inner workings of this increasingly all-powerful political machine: a collectivist bureaucracy, its globalist allies, and a liberal state-run media. Together, they seek to control every aspect of our lives: what we eat, where we live, what we read, how long we will be in the shower. They want to control all the waters of the United States, and the dust on the nation’s farms. And so they compile 79,000 pages of regulations—just on the federal level—and continue to talk as if we are a free people. 

But, Richard Moore shows us, the New Bosses can be defeated if Americans rise up to reclaim the United States Constitution, and the political process by which it protects and enhances individual liberty. Too often, Moore says, the real plot line—the underlying core philosophical debate of big government versus individual liberty—is often distorted and obscured by the media and by the government. We spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing the manifestations of the philosophical core—the debt ceiling, education standards, Obamacare—instead of the core debate itself. 

While hot-button issues like Obamacare are not unimportant, Moore argues, reasserting the primacy of our constitutional system is critical to defeating the bureaucratic class – reasserting Congress’s authority to make legislation, re-establishing the separation of powers, restricting the appellate jurisdiction of courts, and upholding states’ rights.  To restore the constitutional integrity that allows a free people to freely decide their fate demands that the true inner workings of the New Bosses be revealed, so its machinery can be dismantled. This is a primer on how to do it.

The New Bossism of the American Left
by Richard Moore

6"x 9" - Paperback - 450 pages